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How is AVJM different?

AVJM adopts a proactive approach that ensures the timely start of a child’s education and that the lack of resources does not become an obstacle later. By providing education along with food and shelter, AVJM makes sure that parents do not discontinue their child’s education for lack of resources. Thus, AVJM provides a comprehensive solution to the problem of illiteracy at the root level.

To ensure objectivity in its policies and operations, AVJM interprets literacy on the lines of its definition by United Nations Education Scientific & Cultural Organization (UNESCO):

“A Literate person is a one who can with understanding both read and write a short simple statement relevant to his everyday life. Literacy is not the simple reading of word or a set of associated symbols and sounds, but an act of critical understanding of men's situation in the world. Literacy is not an end in itself but a means of personal liberation and development and extending individuals educational efforts involving overall inter-disciplinary responses to concrete problems

A literate person is one who has acquired all the essential knowledge and skills which enable him to engage in all those activities in which literacy is required for effective functioning in his group and community and whose attaining in reading, writing and numeracy make it possible to use these skills towards his own and his community's development.”


The fundamental goal of AVJM is to promote literacy in India. AVJM undertakes the following activities in areas where the literacy level is significantly below the national average.

Adopt a Child Program:

As a part of its operations, AVJM adopts children deprived of education and provides them with an opportunity to study up to the high school. AVJM’s focus on primary and secondary education emanates from its belief that children are the most vulnerable part of society. Under Adopt a Child Program, AVJM takes full responsibility of a child’s (age 6-18) food, accommodation, clothes, education and other needs. Children are provided an environment in which they can grow into responsible citizens by getting an opportunity to develop their all round abilities. To this end, AVJM puts equal emphasis on education, physical training and extracurricular activities.

Sponsor a Child Program:

There are instances, in which AVJM provides a child with the entire amount of tuition and other direct educational expenses. Mostly, these are children whose parents are not in a position to afford the educational expenses of the child and the child is a meritorious student with a determination to continue his education.

Awareness Campaigns:

Often, AVJM runs campaigns to generate public awareness about the extent and nature of the problems of child illiteracy. Part of the reason why child illiteracy is neglected is the general lack of awareness. By bringing this problem to the forefront AVJM generates greater public involvement in solving and alleviating this problem.

Involve the Parents:

Involving the parents is necessary to ensure that they do not become a bottleneck in the path of the child receiving education. Quite often, parents have been found to be an active obstacle because they perceive the child’s involvement in education as a loss of an earning member from the family.

Fund Raising Drives:

AVJM runs fund raising drives to contribute to its general fund. These drives could range from walks to direct mailers, from door-to-door collections to seeking support from corporate houses. In all these cases, the funds raised become a part of the general finances of the Society and are allocated to various projects on the basis of needs.